was born by way of a mixtape produced by the Streetlife DJs back in 2005.

A mix that incorporated NYC disco, European Nu-Wave and New Beat, Hip Hop breaks & Funk grooves,
early Acid House through to the latest house sounds.
The mix received widespread acclaim from some key industry figures, including the Mixmag
editor who quoted “probably THE most listened to mix in the office all year”.
Sasha liked it so much he signed them to the Excession agency, Steve Lawler offered them
a residency at Viva Harlem and Smokin’ Jo took them to play at Nude in Ibiza.

Never Mind The Balearics events was the next step – promoters and resident
DJ’s Joel Xavier & Stu (Streetlife) have been putting these on for 2 years at various venues throughout London.
A regular mixed crowd of all ages, and a music policy where anything goes with the emphasis
on having fun and not taking it all too seriously.

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