NDPC are Nicholas and Peter, two young friends from Bressanone, in the northest part of Italy,
close to the Austrian boder. By chance during a summer they met working at the same hotel with
the only target of gathering a little money to buy music gear.

They were instantly fascinated that someone else from their hometown had the exact same passion.

Peter’s parents own a small disco club, so after they finished their first work shift of the day they headed
to this disco called “Heustadl” and spent all their free time mixing tracks – not caring about
the neighbours and the volume.

After that summer they finally had enough money to buy their own monitors and start producing
on some serious advices.

NDPC spent most of their free time in front of these monitors and sharing music: it happened in
the easiest of ways, sharing the same interest and spending time together.

Starting performing and producing together, they achieved their first release that has being supported
by Don Diablo, Swanky Tunes, Timmy Trumpet, Danny Avila, Twoloud and many more.

Their supporter act list is packed with international know artists like Timmy Trumpet, Tigerlily,
Julian Jordan, Fedde Le Grand, Mike Candys, DJ’s From Mars, Gabry Ponte, Mattn, DJ Antoine…

Their popularity grew over time and has led them to perform on stages and festivals
like Club Max (Bressanone), Paradiso Disco (Brescia), Havanna Club (Torino), Life Club (Bolzano),
Empire St. Martin (Austria), Boom Festival and Crazy Castle Festival.

During summer 2016 they produced a track called “Daylight” and start looking for a contemporary vocal.
They had in mind something very catchy, melodic and radio friendly.

Everything started shaping when they met Julia (local 18 years old singer) and Nathan (American vocalist).
Both of them wrote their own full song, but NDPC where very uncertain which one to choose.
The enlightenment came during a long fall afternoon in studio: they tried combining the verse
from Julia and the bridge from Nathan! The result is what you can hear in the final version of “Daylight”.
The project was presented to the international labels over the Amsterdam Dance Event festival in 2016
and got the attention from many international labels including those from the Sony Music Entertainment network.

Together with Jordan Brown, they were among the first artists to get signed to renown Ministry Of Sound label in Italy.